Make Rice Pudding Tonight With These Simple Recipes

December 9, 2014 | klein

Rice pudding brings to mind cozy winter days in front of the fireplace, enjoying its sweet and creamy taste with friends and family. The old-fashioned dessert favorite takes on new life through a few simple and unique recipes, and it's incredibly easy to make at home. Here are a few of the best rice pudding recipes from around the web.

Rice Pudding [Simply Recipes]
Unlike the heavy cream and other fattening ingredients in traditional rice pudding recipes, this one offers a lighter take on the dessert dish. Combine whole milk, white rice, one egg, and a few sweet spices to create this simple treat.

Baked Rice Pudding [Food Network]
While most rice pudding is boiled, Paula Deen's recipe bakes the rice mixture for a thicker consistency. The result is rich, fluffy, and lightly browned on top.

Gingered Crème Caramel Rice Pudding [Fine Cooking]
If you want to add a gourmet flair to your usual rice pudding, this is the recipe for you. It features a sticky caramel coating and fresh ginger to add an extra spicy kick.

Joy of Cooking Rice Pudding [Joy of Baking]
For the visual learner, this rice pudding recipe includes a video tutorial that will help you to perfect each technique involved.

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