Thursday, July 24, 2014

James John Audubon Center at Mill Grove: A Place for Wildlife Explorers

July 22, 2014 1:37 pm

You can learn about nature and wildlife through countless books, but the only real way to truly experience the natural world is by exploring it in person. The James John Audubon Center at Mill Grove gives visitors the opportunity to do just that, hosting a variety of birds, animals, and insects in their natural habitats.

There are five miles of marked trails on this 175-acre facility for exploring the wilderness around the grounds, and if you look carefully you can spot multiple types of geese, swans, game birds, and more. The Audubon Museum provides background history on Mill Grove itself, and there are children’s educational programs throughout the year on a variety of different topics. If you want to teach your children about the wonders of the natural world, the James John Audubon Center is a great community resource.

The museum at the James John Audubon Center is open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Sundays. The grounds are open 7 a.m. to dusk Tuesdays through Sundays.

James John Audubon Center at Mill Grove
1201 Pawlings Road
Audubon, PA 19403
(610) 666-5593

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These Running Websites Can Help You Get Active

July 15, 2014 3:10 pm

From inspirational quotes to training tips, the internet provides a wide variety of ways to improve your running routine. Though you can only really run at the gym or on the trail, many runners seek inspiration on the web for the days when they just don’t feel like getting off of the couch. Here are some beneficial websites for runners of all skill levels.

Search “running quotes” on Pinterest and you’ll instantly be met with thousands of motivational quotes gathered by fellow runners. If you’re already on Pinterest, creating your own board to pin the quotes and workouts that inspire you most can be very helpful when you need that extra boost to lace up your sneakers.

If competitive running is more your speed, the running section of the Competitor website is just the thing to fuel your sportsmanlike spirit. The homepage provides the latest headlines from races around the world, as well as training tips to help you prepare for your next big race. You’ll also find tips for injury prevention, trail running, shoes, and gear and much more.

Running Times
Just as the name suggests, Running Times is like an online newspaper for running enthusiasts. The Headlines page includes news headlines about competitive running, with different sections for high school, college, and masters running. Trail and training tips will help you to get in the best shape possible, while the Trails We Love page offers helpful insight into the best trails in your area.

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Enjoy Aged Steaks at The Capital Grille in King of Prussia

July 8, 2014 1:10 pm

The dry-aged steak served at King of Prussia's The Capital Grille takes roughly three weeks to prepare—but don't worry, chefs get a headstart on the process long before you order. At chain locations all over the country, including the King of Prussia eatery, steak sits in a special temperature- and humidity-controlled dry aging room for about 21 days. During that time, it takes on a tenderness and flavor that can only be obtained via the lengthy dry-aging process. When the meat reaches peak texture and taste, The Capital Grille's kitchen staff cuts it and tenderizes it further before a chef sticks each cut into an infrared broiler. These perfectly-calibrated ovens sear the outside to a crispy shell while leaving the inside moist and juicy. And voila—The Capital Grille's lauded steak au poivre is born!

But steak is just one of the many high-end offerings at this chic restaurant, designed like the other locations to evoke a classic American steakhouse in every inch of careful architecture. You can also order seafood such as citrus-glazed salmon or lobster mac and cheese, and finish off your dinner with some crème brûlée. Sip on one of the signature cocktails as you enjoy your meal.

The Capital Grille
236 Mall Boulevard
King of Prussia, PA 19406
(610) 265-1415

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